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M&T Events 
Our cakes are moist and full of flavor. The fondant flowers are beautiful as well as edible. We make our cakes to order and sit with our customers to design the cake that they want at their very special occasion. We don’t expect our customers to just pick a cake and go with it, we allow our customers to taste our cakes before making any decisions. We offer a wide variety of cakes, including: 

Standard Flavors
​Yellow Raspberry
Chocolate Raspberry
Dolce De Leche

Specialty cake selection
Mango Mousse Yellow Cake
German Chocolate Mousse
German White Chocolate Mousse
Hazelnut Mousse
Strawberry Mousse
Tiramisu Mousse
Lemon Mousse
Lemon curd
German cheesecake 
Real German Black Forest cake
Cherry Pucker
Cafe Vienna
Summer Delight
Tropical Escape
Pina Colada

Other Desserts
Yummy Rummies (you'll understand once you've tried one)​
Nuss Ecken
A variety of cookies
​Assorted Custom Chocolates.  Swiss chocolate

Try our Yummy Rummy's.  
Pure Rum (151 proof) altered with an old German recipe
without any of it cooked out
Try our Desserts